GeekUniversity, together with Mail.Ru Group, opens the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence

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GeekUniversity, together with Mail.Ru Group, opens the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence

Get an education in AI programming opens thanks to the collaboration of GeekUniversity and Mail.Ru Group — companies launch a training course.

GeekUniversity, together with Mail.Ru Group, within the framework of the collaboration, will teach students programming in the field of artificial intelligence. The work will take place on the basis of the university, which guarantees that in a year and a half of study, each student will get acquainted with all the trends in the world of technology. Specialists in this area are in demand in the labor market, and the university promises to employ all graduates.

Before entering the faculty, applicants will have to take a test to determine their level of knowledge in the field of programming. Based on the test results, students will be assigned to the course or to the preparatory (correctional) group, where teachers will be able to fill in the missing knowledge before entering the main course.

The program of the course was drawn up on the basis of the methods peeped from colleagues from the USA. The organizers believe that the educational base of Russia is still lagging behind and needs to rely on the borrowed experience. During the course, domestic companies will actively support students. So, during the course, they will share their best practices «Megaphone», FIX and Mail.Ru Group itself, which is also actively exploring the possibilities of big data and new technologies.

After completing the course, each student will be able to independently create code, work in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. For improvement the effectiveness of training, each student will receive a mentor who will help him in all matters.

Tuition is paid. You can find out how to enroll and start training at website university.

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text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: official page Geekbrains