Augur Forecasting Platform Will Be Updated To Version 2.0 In June

Augur – How A Decentralized Prediction Market Works (Narrated by Shooter Jennings)

Augur decentralized forecasting market development team plans to release a second version with advanced features in June.

The project will continue to operate on the Ethereum blockchain, but will receive a number of new features, such as updating the token standard from ERC20 to ERC777, an improved mechanism for eliminating the risks of invalid markets, adding stablecoin DAI.

According to the announcement, the transition to version 2.0 is planned for first half June, and the closure of the current smart contract should be completed by May 15. In the interval between the closing date and the launch date, users will still be able to create new markets..

During the deployment of the second version, all balances of funds will be transferred to a new smart contract with REP tokens. Procedure details movements on exchanges and wallets will be scheduled later.

IN present time the Augur team is focused on improving the interface and testing the platform functionality.

Ethereum is also preparing for the transition to version 2.0, and Vitalik Buterin suggested speeding up this process with the help of new type validators.

Augur Forecasting Platform Will Be Updated To Version 2.0 In June

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: ETHNews