The Chinese have created a quantum radar that detects stealth aircraft

China’s latest quantum radar won’t just track stealth bombers, but ballistic missiles in space too

China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC), China’s leading military electronics company, has announced a new quantum radar capable of detecting and analyzing stealth aircraft..

The developers claim that their new system is capable of tracking objects over a huge distance by increasing the duration of the quantum entanglement of photons. Conventional radar measures the reflection of radio waves, while quantum radar uses microwave signals from light beams. As a result, it can identify the position, cross section, speed, direction and other properties of the detected objects..

Attempts to trick quantum radar are easy to spot, as any changes or duplication of signals will be detected. American stealth technology is useless in this case. In addition to detection, the device can determine the composition of a moving object. This makes it possible to distinguish nuclear warhead missiles from distractions. CETC plans to install radar in the stratosphere or outer space.

Based on quantum radar, China plans to create a new warning system against enemy ballistic missiles, high-speed aircraft and spy satellites. On 2020 year set to open the National Laboratory for Quantum and Information Sciences in Hefei with an initial budget of $ 10 billion, which should lead China to the leaders of quantum technologies.

Recall that Chinese physicists have set a record for quantum computing.

text: Ivan Malichenko, a photo: Geoffrey Whiteway / Stockvault 

The Chinese have created a quantum radar that detects stealth aircraft