Scientists have proposed issuing “immunity passports” to return people to normal life

Immunity passports can speed up return to normality | COVID-19 Special

German researchers have proposed to issue people with a document confirming their immunity to coronavirus in order to start returning them to work and weakening quarantine.

In April, the German Federal Ministry of Health plans to involve a number of research groups and hospitals in the study of blood samples from 100 thousand people for the presence of antibodies to COVID-19.

Scientists have proposed issuing 'immunity passports' to return people to normal life

The goal of this project is to identify substances that indicate that the body has already been a carrier of the virus and will be able to resist it for for a long time after complete recovery.

This will allow the so-called «passport of immunity», which will allow them to safely return to work. Upon reaching a high level in certain regions «general immunity», the authorities will be able to gradually  relax restrictions.

However, first, the researchers will have to prove that after recovery, the human body is indeed able to resist the coronavirus in long term.

Recall that a supercomputer recently identified 77 substances that can stop the coronavirus.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: wnyc