Satellite Launches in Japan to Host World’s First Artificial Multicolored Meteor Shower Show

Japan launches satellite to test artificial meteor showers

The Japan Space Agency (JAXA) has reported the successful launch of the Epsilon-4 launch vehicle, which has placed a satellite into orbit to host the world’s first artificial multi-colored meteor shower. Heavenly show is planned to be held in the spring 2020 in Hiroshima.

On the morning of January 18, the rocket was launched from the Uchinoura Space Center and carried seven satellites designed to demonstrate various innovative technologies. However, the most spectacular will be the tests of the apparatus developed by Japanese startup ALE. The company plans to offer on-demand artificial meteor shower services for all over the world.

Satellite Launches in Japan to Host World's First Artificial Multicolored Meteor Shower Show

To do this, the team uses balls with a diameter of 2 cm, which will burn very brightly when entering the atmosphere. Researchers have experimented with metals in order to achieve flames of various colors, but the chemical composition is carefully hidden. Therefore, the show will be much more beautiful than a natural meteor shower.. 

The ALE satellite was launched 500 km above the Earth, but gradually it will drop to 400 km. The device will be indicated in advance when and where it will be necessary to drop the load so that it corrects the trajectory and time. He carries 400 small balls, which should be enough for 20-30 performances during next year. In the summer, the company plans to launch another device. Two devices can be use alone or together to improve performance.

Artificial starfall will be safe, as the balls will burn up in a few seconds, long before they have time to sink low enough. The organizers say they chose Hiroshima for the first show because of the good weather, landscape and cultural values. If at the appointed time in the spring of 2020 there will be a frequent sky, then millions of people will be able to see the innovative show within 200 km2.

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text: Ilya Bauer, photo: ozersk74, video: YouTube / ALE Co., Ltd