Pepper Robot Helps Teach Students to Program

Getting Started with virtual Pepper robot & Choregraphe

SoftBank Robotics has developed a new visual programming tool to get high school students interested in creating new applications for the Pepper robot during class.

As part of the pilot program, 1,000 students from 20 public schools in Boston, San Francisco and Vancouver will improve their programming skills using the Tethys framework – adapted visual interface for basic Python scripts.

The Pepper Robot Helps Teach Students to Program

By creating new blocks, connecting them on the screen with wires and changing configurations, students can program the actions of the virtual robot, and then apply them to the real Pepper. Wherein they can also check the underlying scripts, make changes to them, or completely rewrite the code.

While the idea of ​​using robots to motivate children is not new, SoftBank plans to borrow a certain segment in this fast-growing market with the help of its most famous robot. Since the purchase of such training equipment can not afford each school, to promote the project, the company donates Pepper to educational institutions.

At the end last year Softbank also announced the opening of a Tokyo cafe that will serve customers with these humanoid robots..

Pepper Robot Helps Teach Students to Program

text: Ilya Bauer, Photo and video: SoftBank Robotics