Found a new way of storing information in atoms

Here’s How We Could Store Data on a Single Atom

Found a new way of storing information in atoms

Scientists from the University of Radboud have discovered a new mechanism for magnetic storage of information in one atom at room temperature, based on a change in the energy levels of cobalt electrons.

Previous changes in the state of individual elementary particles were carried out at extremely low temperatures, which prevented their use on a commercial scale. This is due to the instability of atoms and their susceptibility to change. environment. Radbud University researchers found a way stabilization at room temperature.

They took as a basis the electromagnetic properties of the atom, which, like the Earth, has different poles. However, unlike planetary ones, under normal conditions they are constantly moving. Physicists have found that the placement of individual cobalt atoms in  A special substrate, semiconductor black phosphorus, solves this problem without the need for cooling. After achieving stability, they were able to manipulate the energy levels of electrons without any problems, changing their bit state.


Found a new way of storing information in atoms

The moments of displacement are highlighted in the microscope images with orange circles..

The principle of operation of the new type of storage device does not change, it, as before, uses magnetism to record the state 0 or 1. However, in existing data storage technologies, tens of thousands of atoms are used for one bit. The new approach will reduce the energy consumption of drives during operation, as well as increase or significantly reduce their size.

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text: Sid Nietzsche, photo: Nature Communications, Zoltan Tasi / Unsplash, SCI