Christmas Gift Bag: 1 BTC, Token Stocks of Google, Apple, Tesla and other corporations


The first regulated crypto exchange in the CIS,, has announced a New Year’s game, 1000 winners of which will receive cryptocurrency and tokenized shares of the world’s leading companies.

The competition will be held from December 3 to December 31 2019. The main winner on New Year’s Eve will be presented with 1 BTC. Participants ranked from 2nd to 5th place will receive Alphabet (Google) token-shares, the current price of which is about $ 1300.

The winners from 6th to 10th place will receive tokenized shares of Apple ($ 265) and Tesla ($ 335). Participants ranked from 11th to 1000th place will receive randomly selected token shares of the largest corporations in the world in the amount of $ 10 to $ 500.

To participate in the competition, you need to register using the link during the period of its holding, complete tasks and collect points, climbing to the top of the rating.

The rating is updated in real time, and you will need to compete with other participants for a higher place. To win, you will need to collect points during the entire period of the competition. The number of participants is not limited.

The results of the competition will be announced on December 31 at 23:59 Moscow time.

The leader of the rating will receive the coveted bitcoin, and 999 other winners will receive ERC-20 tokens, whose rate is tied to the stock of a particular company. They can not only be traded, trying to make money on the rise or fall in the value of the underlying securities, but also withdrawn to the Ethereum wallet, as well as sell or buy on Christmas Gift Bag: 1 BTC, Token Stocks of Google, Apple, Tesla and other corporations

During periods of downturn in the cryptocurrency market, the transfer of cryptocurrency to more stable assets allows you to level out high volatility and associated risks in order to protect the cost of existing capital, and with an increase in the share price, you can still earn extra money.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Getty Images