China completed tests of a hydrogen aircraft


Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China successfully completes a series of 10 test flights of its LQ-H hydrogen-fueled aircraft.

The unmanned prototype under test with a six-meter wingspan uses a hydrogen fuel cell as the main power system. However, the additional device was also equipped with a set of lithium-ion batteries..

China completed tests of hydrogen aircraft

In the manufacture of the model, advanced 3D printing technologies, new composite materials and other innovative solutions were used. The use of progressive advances made it possible to significantly reduce the weight of the aircraft..

The first test flights began at the beginning Of 2019, and by now the plane is already spent more than 24 hours in the air.

China completed tests of a hydrogen aircraft

The company’s designers argue that the future of aviation lies in hydrogen fuel, since gas is the most common substance and it can be obtained using the energy of the sun, wind and other renewable sources. They called the successful completion of the tests a significant event for the aviation industry.

In a few years, Singapore’s HES Energy Systems will start competing with the Chinese company in this market, which at the end of last year began developing a hydrogen-fueled electric passenger aircraft. Engineers claim that Element One will be able to deliver four people to a distance of up to 5 thousand km.

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