Binance will give out 10 million TRX to traders

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Today, a trading competition with a prize pool of 10 million TRX starts on the largest crypto exchange Binance, which at the current exchange rate exceeds $ 360 thousand.

The competition will be held from June 29 to July 6 inclusive. To take part in the drawing, it is necessary to make a total of 65 thousand TRX trades during this period.. Wherein the administration will monitor the process, therefore, wash trades will not be included in the calculation by prior arrangement.

Binance will give out 10 million TRX to traders

The prize pool will be split between four groups. The winner will receive 2 million TRX, the next ten will split the same number of coins. Also, everyone who during this time will carry out operations with more than 65 thousand coins, 5 million TRX will be divided evenly. The remaining million will be equally distributed to 20 participants who will occupy certain places, for example, 69, 599, 2399 and the like..

Participants can only claim one prize, and unscrupulous speculators can be excluded from the list of winners. The award will be credited within two weeks of the end of the competition. The marketplace reserves the right to change any conditions of the competition and warns of the high potential risks inherent in the cryptocurrency market, for which it is not responsible.

Binance will give out 10 million TRX to traders

As a reminder, Binance has opened an exchange office in Uganda.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Moose